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We handcraft vegan hemp clothing, organic cotton & linen clothes & home products since 1997. We grow, weave, knit & sew PVC-free, dioxin-free, GMO-free, plastic-free, chemical-free, sustainable eco friendly products. Most US/CAN orders $250+ ship free.

Hemp Clothing | Organic Cotton & Linen Products

     The most trusted name in truly pure, truly natural sweatshop-free, chemical-free, ethical organic clothing since 1997. Hemp Clothing. Organic Cotton Clothes. Organic Linen Products. At our Organic Clothing & Home Products Store, you'll find 1,000+ original sustainable organic products made & grown in USA, Canada, & Europe. All of our eco friendly clothing products are hand-crafted with the purest organic natural fibers that we grow, weave, knit, and sew in-house. Our ethically made, allergy-free organic clothing products are sweatshop-free. No China.

     Rawganique Chemical-free Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp Clothing Products was founded on Denman Island in 1997 by vegan, raw foodist, off-the-grid island homesteaders to provide an alternative in the form of eco friendly organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothing, footwear, bed, bath, and bodycare products to people who prefer to live a sustainable organic lifestyle.

     Live simple has always been our motto. We grow our own organic foods year-round in the Pacific Northwest. We are guided by Henry David Thoreau and Scott & Helen Nearing in all we do and whole-heartedly embrace simplicity, sustainability, peace, purity, hemp culture, and organic farming. We believe that non-toxic hemp clothing and organic cotton and linen products can really make the world a better place.

     Rawganique still stands alone in manufacturing unique sweatshop-free, cruelty-free, animal-friendly organic products on a human scale. Our specialty is organic cannabis hemp clothes (well and elastic-free organic cotton and linen clothing products, too!). We are located in Point Roberts, Washington (just 35 minutes from Vancouver, BC, and 2 hours from Seattle, WA), and Denman Island, BC. We ship all over the world from WA & BC; most orders over $250 to USA & Canada qualify for free shipping.

     Our allergy-free vegan organic clothing, underwear, socks, bras, shoes, bed, bath, and home products are made for people who are chemically-sensitvie and people who seek purity and sustainability in their everyday lives. Green eco organic fashion that is animal-friendly and cruelty-free are the best fashion — you will find elastic-free, spandex-free, latex-free, PVC-free organic products at our store..

     When you put on a Rawganique garment, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, realization, passion, and respect for the fact that we're all one - the special eco friendly organic apparel you hold in your hand is the culmination of a long-honed philosophy of "live life simply."

     At Rawganique, the prices you pay are for pure raw organic materials, sweatshop-free artisanal labor, and a small profit so we can keep doing what we do - make great organic cotton, linen, and hemp products for people who need and appreciate their purity. 

     All right, you eco-conscious folks, hempsters, cannabisters, hipsters, and Burners (we love Burning Man!), check out our handmade cannabis hemp shoes, organic clothing products, and our really awesome animal-free dope clothes, indie clothes, stoner clothes, weed clothing — and however else hemp clothing is referred to — deeply compassionate clothing that screams freedom and independence from the tyranny of chemical agriculture and mass-produced chemical-made garments.

          "I love to see anything that implies a simpler mode of life and a greater nearness to the earth." — Henry David Thoreau

          "Thank you so much Rawganique for revealing the countries of origin of your fibers and your organic products! So many companies hide behind the vague "imported" nomenclature when it's obvious most "imported" things are now made in China or India! They say their hemp clothing is made in USA. Bollocks! when I inquired, it turns out the fabrics are grown and made in China!!! Kudos to you. I avoid products from China in my life (even though they claim it's organic - is that ever possible?) because of the lack of transparency in their manufacturing processes and disregard for human and animal rights." — L. N.

          "First of all, thank you so much for providing all the organic products you do - they have saved my life! My MCS has been very severe and I have really bad dermatitis. Your organic clothing works." - Pam B.

          "Honestly, finding Rawganique has given me something good to think about everyday. I go about my day knowing that people have made a huge effort so we can wear organic clothes that are great for the environment and fantastic for ourselves. Thank you." - Simon F

          "God Bless You for providing Latex-Free, Elastic-Free Bras. I have been braless for several years and when I do have to wear one, I sweat and itch horribly. Your organic hemp bra and linen bra saved my life. Thank you SOOOOOOO Much!!!" - Jonni H.

          "I know your gorgeous cannabis hemp clothing isn't exactly hippie clothes, but as a long-time gypsy hippie, I'm so happy with everything I've got from you and get compliments from all my friends! They think of hemp as hippie anyways, so it's all good. Sending you beautiful people much love from Georgia!" Jessie B.

          "My physician recommends all of your clothing, bedding, mattress, and shoes to me because, as a post-chemotherapy and radiation patient, my immune system is severely compromised and your organic natural fabric clothing won't trigger allergic reactions and seizures in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My doctor recommends you guys to all his patients." - Lorna S.

          "As lifelong vegans, plastic-free advocates, and animal lovers, we are glad to have in our lives your organic hemp clothing and products that reflect our beliefs and lifestyle. I am a big believer in the possibilities of cannabis hemp. As you know, we've been your customers since 2001. We can't imagine what our lives and house would have been like without all your awesome hemp-tastic products! Keep up the good work. One day, we hope to build a tiny home out of hempcrete. Wouldn't that be something?" Mark & Beth B.

          "You guys got the best stuff there ain't no doubt. Man, I've gotten swatches and yards of hemp from a few other places, and yours runs softer, tighter, and slicker. (Maybe a bit more slubs but that gets the Olde World look going on I guess.) Plus organic? I don't really wanna swing the extra $$ for Rawganique, but I got to. I'm compelled. I got not choice. Oh and that hemp shirt? What a beauty! It was simple but so nicely assembled. Wearable zen art. The value kinda sucks if compared to Walmart, but there  is NOTHING comparable to your organic stuff out there and I love it so if I got the cash I'm gonna get all your clothes. I'm super psyched you guys are out there. It can't be easy at all to do what you do. The variety of your organic products is bewildering, yet I imagine the market is miniscule. I get it — full-value organic clothing (no sweatshop, no China). Cotton is awful in humidity, hemp lasts longer, stains less, smells better. I did a lot of looking at your site before I bought anything, and I fully think it's worth the cost, as well as happy with where all the profits are going. The Rawganique company, the farmers, and weavers. It's all good...I bet most of my ready-mades will be coming from you. And then there are some people who HAVE to have what you provide. So kudos to you for what you do. Me, I'm just happy to have what you provide. I do respect your products. It'd be freakin great if you guys kept more of your stuff in stock. But seriously, there's tradeoffs. You're an indie company with enormous selection and small customer base. It makes sense that not everything stays in stock. Excellent. Making an order now." Max W.

          Curious?? READ MORE about Rawganique.

Organic Mung Bean Face Wash Organic Mungbean Powder Facial & Body Wash

One ingredient skincare: cleanses, balances the pH, and tones the skin. Organic. Family-grown. Handmade. This, and our 100% witch hazel toner, is all you need for complete natural skincare. In considerations to our chemically sensitive customers, this product is non-returnable.

Price: 14.95
organic cotton ballet flats Ladies' Stuttgart Organic Cotton Ballet Flats (Ankle Straps) (Natural Rubber Sole)

RGFT-297 Handmade Organic Cotton Ballet Flats. Natural rubber sole. Handmade at Rawganique's Atelier Shoe Workshop in Europe. Earth Brown. Women's 5 (36) - 10 (41).

Price: US$119.00
Sale Price: 89.00
organic cotton bikini Goddess Organic Cotton Bikini

RG8200 Women's Organic Cotton Goddess Bikini Briefs. Made in Europe. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. XS - 3XL. Black, Bordeaux, Peach, Sage, Spice, Natural.

100% organic cotton jersey. Covered elastic waistband.

Price: 29.95
Organic Linen Duvet Covers Duvet Covers: Organic French Linen Duvet Covers

Rare & unique organic French linen duvet covers. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Twin, Full/Queen, King sizes.

hemp ballet flats Ladies' Giselle Ballerinas Hemp Ballet Flats (Natural Rubber Sole)

RGFT-270 Handmade Hemp Ballet Flats. Natural rubber sole. Handmade at Rawganique's Atelier Shoe Workshop in Europe. Red, Teal, Natural. Women's 5 (36) - 10 (41).

Price: US$109.00
Sale Price: 79.00
long sleeve organic linen t-shirt Somersby Short-Sleeve 100% Linen T-shirt (LKTSS)

RG876 Rare & unique Somerset 100% organic Irish linen knit T-shirt. Soft, cozy, silky. Unisex S - 2XL. Natural, Black.

Price: 49.00
kaffir lime shampoo Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo (450ml) (Suds-free)

Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo for lustrous, shiny, utterly natural hair. Three simple, fresh, organic ingredients for beautiful, lustrous hair. Shampoo and conditioner in one. Completely chemical-free.

Price: 15.95
hemp courier bag Classic Hemp Courier Bag

RG026 Classic hemp messenger courier bag. Trims, tapes, handles, and lining all made from hemp. Handcrafted. Made at Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Natural, Black, Blue, Green, Brown.

Price: US$79.00
Sale Price: 49.00
100% organic linen socks Schumann 100% Organic French Linen Terry Socks

RGFT-1080 Schumann Elastic-free 100% Organic French Linen Terry Socks. Similar to heritage hand-knitted socks from 200 years ago. Chemical-free. Made in-house for true end-to-end purity. Sweatshop-free. For men and women. Four sizes to cover women's 5 to men's 15 shoe sizes.

Price: 16.00
hemp tote Bastille Stiff Hemp Tote

RGBG-601T Bastille Classic Hemp Tote! Featuring The Great Unwashed Stiff 100% Heavy-weight Hemp Canvas for structure. Made in-house for true purity. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Natural or Black.

Price: 69.00
Hemp Shirt Euro-style Short-Sleeve Hemp Shirt

RG577 Euro-style 100% hemp short-sleeve shirt. S - XXL. Roomy. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Limited availability.

Price: 74.00
hemp terry socks Hertfordshire 99.95% Organic Hemp Terry Socks (1 pair) (SO101)

RG-SO101 Hertfordshire World's first and only 99.95% Organic Hemp Terry Socks. Beautifully soft, plush, cozy, and breathable. Chemical-free. Made in Europe at Rawganique Atelier. Sweatshop-free. For men and women.

Price: 15.00
hemp house slippers Kyoto Hemp Slippers (3-Layer Footbed)

RGFT-254SE Kyoto Glue-free 100% Hemp Slippers. Extra thick 3-ply sole. 100% organically grown hemp. 100% hemp footbed and padding. Handmade at Rawganique's Atelier Shoe Workshop in Europe. Natural. Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13.

Price: 46.00
hemp sofa pillowcase Belle Epoque Hemp Knit Sofa Pillowcase

PC093 Belle Epoque Decorative 100% Hemp Knit Sofa Pillowcase. Organically grown European hemp. Handcrafted in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Ivory, Topaz, Naturally-Dyed Oak, Naturally-Dyed Oregano. 16" x 16". Fits pillows up to 17" x 17".

Price: 32.00
organic linen shirt Gotham Organic Irish Linen Oxford Shirt

RG514 Canterbury Classic button-down 100% organic linen dress shirt. Evening Sand Dunes (natural unbleached & undyed) or Light Blue/Ivory Pinstripes. S - XXL. Cut roomy. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Made in-house in Europe.

Price: 89.00
hemp eyeshade Dream Weaver Hemp Eyeshade

RGAC-708 Unisex Dream Weaver Hemp eyeshade eye cover with a unique design that blocks out the light by adapting to most facial features. Perfect for sleep, nap, and travel. Black. Velcro-free. Elastic-free.

Price: 16.95
organic linen face mask Cicero Organic Linen Ninja Face Mask - Breathing Mask

RG-0325 100% organic linen face mask for protection against airborne pollutants as well as from colds and flus. No PVC, no VOC, no chemicals. Unbleached & undyed.

Price: 16.95
organic cotton eyeshade Dreamscape Organic Cotton Eyeshade Blindfold

RGAC-706 Dreamscape Unisex 100% organic cotton eyeshade eye cover eye mask with a unique design that blocks out the light by adapting to most facial features. Perfect for sleep, nap, and travel. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Natural or Brown. Elastic-free. Velcro-free.

Price: 16.95