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Lascaux Cave-story Glue-free Hemp Grounding Shoes (Replaceable Sole)
hemp grounding shoes.

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Please note! The insole has been updated to feature
100% organic hemp footbed with 100% organic cotton
fleece padding (see second photo).

Organic Cannabis Hemp Grounding Shoes:
  • Shoes only (sole + insole included) $99
  • Shoes with one extra pair each of sole + insole $139
  • One pair of replaceable hemp soles $28
  • One pair of replaceable hemp insole insert $24

Note on hemp grounding shoe sizing:

  • S is for feet up to 9.5" inches long (24.13cm)
  • M is for feet up to 10 inches long (25.40cm)
  • L is for feet up to 10.5 inches long (26.67cm)
  • XL is for feet up to 11 inches long (27.94cm)

If you're sure what size you are, simply pick a size then give us the width and length of your feet and we'll double-check for you. The hemp ground shoes are adjustable soft shoes so are able to accommodate variations in foot shape across sizes.
Price: US$99.00

Product Code: RGBC-2000





Hemp Grounding Shoes

Our ground-breaking unique 100% organic cannabis hemp shoes put you in touch with the earth. These natural color hemp grounding shoes are completely untreated, unprocessed, unbleached, and undyed. Handmade one pair at a time.

Is that a boat? Is that a tank? Nope! They are the Handmade Vegan Glue-free Hemp Grounding Shoes, with replaceable hemp soles!

Be original. Be primitive. Be primal. Be unique. Wear the Lascaux Organic Hemp Grounding Shoes around your house, in the garden, or venture outside to show the world that functional vegan leather-free vegetarian shoes can be made with hemp! Put the passion in every step and ground & earth yourself with these one-of-a-kind cannabis hemp shoes.

What's included:

  • One pair of Lascaux Hemp Grounding Shoes (includes one set of hemp sole and organic cotton fleece insole to complete the shoes)
  • Additional hemp soles and organic cotton fleece inserts can be purchased separately. Photo shows one complete pair of shoes on the left side (the insole/sole on the right side are an additional purchase).

The Lascaux Cave Story Organic European Cannabis Hemp Grounding Shoes put you in touch with the earth, with nothing in between except what comes directly from Mother Earth. These unique 100% hemp shoes are based on the concept of primal original shoes, before the times of chemicals and synthetics. While our other hemp shoes have pavement-ready soles, these hemp shoes feature a 100% hemp sole that can be replaced using an ingenious button system whenever it has outlasted its usefulness. The 100% organic cotton insole can also be replaced as needed.

The Lascaux Cave Story Hemp Grounding Shoes make a wicked pair of indoor and patio 100% natural and organic shoes. People with severe multiple chemical sensitivities or earth grounders can wear them outside, knowing that the soles will degrade over time, at which time additional soles and insoles can be purchased to replaced the worn out ones.

These super special hemp grounding shoes are made with our signature unwashed stiff 100% hemp canvas which gives them a lot of character, texture, and structure.

Here are the awesome features of the Lascaus Cave Story Hemp Grounding Shoes, which trace human handicrafts and ingenuity to its earliest beginnings, such as those in the Lascaux Caves in France, which inspired these one-of-a-kind handmade hemp shoes - sustainable natural fiber footwear. We created them in response to our customers' call for an earthing, grounding hemp shoes - what better way to celebrate hemp's multifaceted history than to walk on hemp, which to many of us is the personification of Mother Earth herself.

Buy organic cannabis hemp grounding shoes with Rawganique - the hemp experts who have been hand-crafted organic cannabis hemp products since 1997.

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