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Angeline Elastic-free Organic Linen Bra (Handmade)
organic linen bra

Please note that our bespoke elastic-free 100% organic flax linen bras are very different from wire bras and synthetic bras and lyrcra & spandex sports bras that are on the market. We created this unique product based on years of research into heritage vintage natural fabric bras. We custom-make our bespoke organic bra to your measurements. Once you receive your organic bra, you'll have to spend time tinkering with the adjustable straps and the adjustable hooks to find your perfect fit. Due to this unfamiliar fit, some customers may feel the bra doesn't fit well at first. When they spend some time learning to "customize" the strap and bust band to their shape and preferred fit, they write to us that our bespoke organic bra is the most breathable, most "invisible" bra they have ever worn. If you are expecting an off-the-shelf fit that's is afforded by synthetic and elastic bras, then please do not get this heritage bespoke custom organic bra. This is bespoke organic bra is not for everyone. You'll be far happier with stretch bras or wire bras. As it takes an inordinate amount of time to custom-make a bra for you, we do ask that you are committed to making the adjustments necessary to make the perfect fit for you. We first created this beautiful bespoke organic bra for women who are chemically sensitive and women who have undergone radiation or breast surgeries, as these women cannot tolerate contact with elastic or synthetic fabrics. Over the years, many more women who prefer to live a chemical-free sustainable lifestyle also got on the wagon because intimates that are next to your skin should really be as chemical-free as can be. Thank you for your understanding.

This Bespoke Organic Linen Bra takes up to 3 weeks to be custom-made.

For a perfect fit, please give us your actual measurements in the "Comments" box at checkout:
the round measurement under your bust (tight) in inches or cm and the round measurement around your breasts at the largest part (not tight) in inches or cm.

We have tested this organic linen bra extensively on real women. However, this is still a beta product which we continually work to refine. Fitting a bra in 100% organic linen and cotton fabrics without the help of elastic is challenging to say the least, and you may need to do elementary tucks and nips on the bra to suit your shape. Our elastic-free organic linen bras are so soft and comfy, many of our customers actually sleep in them. Rawganique Bespoke Bras are meant to be lived in.

Hand-wash only. Dry on a rack. Steam iron as needed.

Natural (unbleached & undyed) color.

Outside the sizes listed below, we also offer Rawganique Bespoke services for an additional $40 to create a custom size for you (we have to create a new pattern for you; this is a one-time fee, re-ordering won't incur the bespoke fee as we will have your measurements already on file). For Bespoke Sizes, please specify your measurements in the "Comments" box at checkout.

  • 32 C
  • 34 B C D
  • 36 B C D
  • 38 B C D
  • 40 C D
  • Custom Size ($40 for pattern fee) Please give us your measurements at checkout.
This unique organic linen bra is handmade from start to finish at the Rawganique Atelier on Denman Island, BC.
Price: US$94.00

Product Code: RG8289



100% Elastic-free Latex-free Organic Flax Linen Bra

This unique Organic Flax Linen Bra is part of our famed Bespoke by Rawganique Collection. Each organic linen bra is handmade from start to finish.

From our customer Tey: "My non-elastic organic linen bra and underwear fit me perfectly! I'm a linen freak and I've been searching for a linen bra FOREVER. The linen bra is so comfortable and it supports my chest without any elastic or underwire! PLEASE believe me when I say you guys have found yourself a LIFETIME customer! Thank you!!"

To make an organic linen bra that our discerning customers would want to live in all day (many customers tell us that our organic linen bras are so special and cozy that they actually sleep in them), we start with the growing and harvesting of organic French linen, which is retted, scutched, and combed naturally without chemicals of any kind. We then weave the flaxen fibers into a fine organic linen fabric that is smooth, soft, and breathable, leaving intact the platinum color flax was known for in yesteryear. We do not bleach or dye our organic linen fabric in any way.

Adjustable hooks in the back. The perfect organic linen lingerie - undergarment - intimates!

We then proceed to cut and pattern and sew each organic linen bra with love and care because we want this to be the bra you've always wanted: pure, chemical-free, elastic-free, lycra-free, latex-free, and GMO-free. We line the inside cups with our signature 100% organic cotton fleece for a luxurious feel against your skin.

While many ladies will find our organic linen bra to be a perfect fit out of the box, because our organic linen bra is completely elastic-free, some ladies may need to pin, nip, or tuck, or do minor alterations for a custom perfect fit.

Our organic flax linen bra is created for any woman who prefers to live a chemical-free lifestyle as well as those who are allergic to latex, elastic, lycra, and Spandex. For those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, tinea versicolor, or other skin conditions, our organic linen bra is part of the solution of a better diet and a breathable undergarment and clothing.

If you are looking for wire bras, push-up bras, padded bras, or stretch bras, this organic linen bra is not for you.

Care instructions: handwash and air dry. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Treat this as a delicate lingerie even though the organic linen fabric and organic cotton fleece are both quite robust.

Our wire-less organic linen bra - the most natural organic bra in the world - is handmade one by one at the Rawganique Atelier on Denman Island, BC, Canada. We took care to study historical documents and rummage through flea markets all over Europe to arrive at our heritage, vintage organic linen bra.

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